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Promostamper your one-stop shop for self-inking and rubber stamps - made within 48 hrs or even faster just enquire

NEW - YES WE CAN DO OTHER SIZES including rubber stamps with ink pads and date/number stamps - send us an email with your requirements and on what type of paper or cardboard you will be putting the stamp on and we will be happy to send you a quote within 24hrs Sunday-Thursday  (outwith these days may take 2 days longer).  

Rubber stamp your unique creations with a self-inking stamp.  Email your designs to create your bespoke greeting cards -  ideal for hobbyists, crafters, rubber stampers, businesses, nurseries, clubs and more or browse our templates on the left.

Stamps ideal for crafters - have a design you use a lot instead of drawing it over and over again why not have it on a self-inking or rubber stamp to use over and over again?

When supplying your designs please make sure that the image is very good quality line-drawing - black ink on white background.  Please send your image to with size required.

Unsure what size why not print out our stamp page for actual stamp sizes in a visual format please click here

Please check out our Stamp Templates below

Photographic quality great for pictures, company logos, etc.  Each self-inking stamp is pre-inked no separate pad needed.  Anything you can put on a computer monitor, you can put on a custom designed, professional pre-inked stamp - text, graphics, signatures, logos, photos.

bank account type stamp
Bank Account type stamps

school stamp excellent with an image of a bird
Your logo or design

circulation corresondence stamp
Correspondence type of stamps

please make your cheque available bank rubber stamp
Home Address type of stamps

paid rubber stamp
Message type of stamps

pizza shop stamp
Office Address type of stamps

please visit our website rubber stamp
Large Office Address type of stamps

large office address rubber stamp
Photo or Signature type of stamps

rabbit with the wording you are a star rubber stamp
Round Square type of stamps

pen with a rubber stamp

Pen Stamp

rabbit with the wording you are a star rubber stamp
School type of stamps

rabbit with the wording you are a star rubber stamp
Website and Email type of stamps

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